At Shirt Shack, we spend normal business hours screen printing custom t-shirts for the residents of Kearney, Nebraska and our evenings living and being active community members. We honestly believe that our local t-shirt shop makes Kearney a better place to live. Join us in today’s post as we have narrowed down our reasons and offer the top three reasons why.

We support the local teams and clubs.

At Shirt Shack, we create team shirts and company uniforms for many of the local teams and groups. Whether we are screen printing race t-shirts or embroidering company logos on coordinating polos, we complete orders for our community members quickly and professionally. And, the best part is, if you aren’t sure what your design should look like or what you want, you just know you want to create some group cohesion, our amazing designers can help!

Our staff makes everyone feel welcome.

At Shirt Shack, anyone who walks through our door becomes our friends. We make it a point that everyone who visits us feels like so much more than a valued customer, and more like the reason our shirt shops exist — because you are. We only staff the most friendly, outgoing and creatively talented people that our community has to offer. Our design teams are excited to help you create your project and become so involved that the completed product is a personal victory. Like Cheers, we offer a friendly place in Kearney where everyone knows your name.

We offer so much more than custom t-shirts.

It’s true, custom screen-printed t-shirts are our jam. But, we do so much more! We offer a full range of custom products including screen printing, embroidery, engraving, and laser etching. We create promotional items, banners, posters, business cards, and any other mass or large print project. We also offer printing, fax, and shipping services. So, even when you don’t need a batch of custom shirts hot off the press, you’ve got a reason so stop by.

Because we love screen printing shirts so much, however, we do offer additional shirt options including our Shirt of the Month Club and Shirt Shack Novel-Tees. Visit our online gallery to see all the options or connect with us on social media to keep up with everything we are up to.

Honorable Mentions

Some of the ways we make Kearney a great place to live that didn’t quite make the top-three list.

  • Our staff is your neighbors.
  • We volunteer in the community.
  • We promote Nebraska pride.
  • We provide employment to residents of Kearney and Hastings (and are growing!).

In short, this article was a long-winded way to say that at Shirt Shack, we contribute positively to the Kearney community. We love this city and want to help make sure we maintain our welcome here by being involved and making Kearney a better place to live for everyone! If you have any suggestions on how we can better do that, contact us or stop by and let us know. We’ll see you at Shirt Shack!