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Estimates place the global printing industry higher than the automotive industry and eight times larger than the gaming industry. This tells you just how many different businesses worldwide utilize the printing industry to thrive. Printing is therefore essential in maintaining the continuous growth of your business if utilized correctly. Shirt Shack outlines various ways in which printing services can continually grow your business.

How Printing Can Raise Your Business


One advantage of print media is its tangibility. Some of the various print tools that businesses use to promote their operations include posters, flyers, brochures, billboards, engraved services, and more. The advantage is that these are indeed impressive, attractive, and effective tools for customer lure.

Various studies indicate that most people prefer printed ads to internet ads which they find annoying. Therefore, it’s clear that businesses using printing have better chances of making sales than those that do not.


Print media is a highly credible form of advertisement. For example, a business using high-quality printing and embroidery from Shirt Shack to promote its brand adds a certain credibility level to the said brand and its agenda.

Similarly, clients quickly notice the various print forms, especially high-quality print and one that contains resourceful content. Clients are also more likely to interact with businesses that provide high-quality and credible-looking printing.

Establishes Your Brand

Superbly executed printing, be it flyers, brochures, billboards, and even engraved awards, can spark a flame of life for your business and reach more audiences creatively. It means that high-quality printing possibly establishes your brand and makes your business more noticeable to more potential customers.


Given the technologically advanced age we live in, it’s proven that non-digital printed products offer businesses a perfect chance to engage their customers, which steals off their interest for longer.

This is because, for online advertisements, internet users view them for only a few seconds before losing interest and quickly browse other pages. However, readers will spend up to a few minutes reading content in a printed item and may become captivated by it.


Printing is the universal language for business success. Printed advertisements are known to attract more customers than verbal or online advertisements. If you need expert published options for your business, don’t hesitate to call Shirt Shack for the best engraving services in Kearney.