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People love t-shirts with good designs. You, too, can give your employees custom-made shirts as engraved awards to spice up the mood at the workplace. So get inspired by Shirt Shack and start planning custom engraving t-shirt designs for your employees today. We collected terrific ideas here that your employees will love. Read along to find out more!

Custom Engraving Tips for the Workplace

Explore Your Concept

Employees need a design that relates to their culture and links to their ethics. Therefore, avoid rushing the design process. Instead, get some air, have some food to eat, sketch your design out and spend some time thinking about it. Then, undergo a brainstorming process to ensure this is the right idea.

Ensure you take your time to create more variations and explore other available options just in case.

Use a Catchy Printing

Our engravings services ensure that you get the correct print tag for your customers. You want something casually exciting but still matches the workplace. Catchy prints ensure that your design is pleasant while still communicating the intended message.

For example, you can consider using large fonts of red on white t-shirts or unique titles for specific genders.

Focus on Detail

In printing and embroidery, great drawing ability is appreciated just as attention to detail is. Your employees need a masterpiece drawing on their tees which they will love to study for hours.

You need to ensure that the engraving matches the company logistics, and if possible, the company logo can be included. Still, remember to keep it simple. Most classic t-shirt designs are the simplest, and they use this simplicity to get the message across. However, thinking too much or putting in too little may lead to an unsuccessful design.

Use Constructive Humor

Humor is a great way to ace it on company tees. However, if you go for humor, you must ensure that you aren’t creating a cheap joke shirt. Highly successful engraving services use humor appropriately and cleverly, even for the loudest and the highly in-your-face designs.

Most humorous tees grow tired faster, although, when done well, ideal humor can turn other peoples’ heads and raise smiles.

Use the Right Colors

For a t-shirt engraving, it’s best to effectively choose complementary colors that match the rest of the fabric and outfit. For this, you can turn on global colors if you use Adobe Illustrator, which saves you much of your time. Halftones are also necessary since they allow you to utilize the most restricted colors you ought to use.


Are you looking for professional engraving services in Kearney? Call Shirt Shack for fine engraving ideas for your engraving and embroidery tasks. Employees need an engraving masterpiece that doesn’t go stale after a short period, so you must ace it with the designs.