The time has come for you to design your own custom t-shirt. While this provides a blank canvas for nearly unlimited visual opportunities, it can also prove to be an intimidating process! Shirt Shack is Nebraska’s Top Rated® Local custom shirt-printing shop, and we’re ready to get to work on creating your perfect design.

If you’re not sure where to start during this creative process, follow our tips to get those juices flowing. Shirt Shack offers custom designs to ensure each shirt we craft is unique and made to last!

Identify Your Goals

Before you get started, it’s important to think of who you are trying to reach with this t-shirt design. An expertly designed shirt will appeal to its target audience and generate further interest. Shirt Shack has experience in designing custom apparel for sports teams, families, social movements, and more, and we understand the importance of conveying the right look for the job.

Don’t forget that your shirt’s design and colors will impact the impression others receive, whether that includes bright colors to make a statement or sharp designs to improve professional appearances. Be sure to identify your goals when designing your shirt, and don’t forget to check back in frequently to ensure that you’re on the right track!

Keep It Simple, Smarty

No matter your goal or design plans, it pays to capitalize on your visual marketing space to maximize communication and minimize confusion. Overly designed shirts can become busy and cluttered, obscuring the purpose of the design. Our recommendation is to focus on simple, clean visuals to maximize your message without making things too complicated. You’ll thank us later!

Focus on Color Combinations

What colors do you want to use in your shirt creation? One industry secret is to focus on color theory and how contrast helps to convey emotion. Many people hit the drawing board with their favorite colors, only to realize that they do not contrast enough or communicate the right message.

Text Matters!

The typography of your shirt design will play a large role in the final result. You can opt for a font featuring whimsical curls and accents, or decide on a bold font featuring detailed lettering. Select a unique typeface to integrate into the rest of your design or opt for something oppositional and humorous. Set the tone and organize the hierarchy of your shirt logo with the right text.

Spend some time playing with the available fonts to see how they match up with your design. Remember to consider your audience in order to refine your decision and create a matching result!

Find Some Inspiration

You may have an eye for detail which makes generating high-value t-shirt designs easy, or you may be in need of assistance in bringing your vision to life. No matter your starting point, it can help to find some inspiration. You can go online to find a vast range of t-shirt designs to start from, or visit your local print shop to see what your in-person professionals can do.

Looking for some beautiful inspiration for your custom shirt? Browse our gallery for a full range of screen printing, embroidery, and engraving services to find the right look and feel!

Focus on Graphic Placement

Beyond the uniqueness, color, and simplicity of your custom shirt design, it is important to keep in mind how that visual will shine once the shirt is worn. A perfectly awesome design may look great on paper but more hilarious and inappropriate in person!

Shirt Shack can help you consider this aspect of your shirt design. We can place your graphics anywhere, including the center of the shirt on the front or back, the sleeves, or in a smaller print along the top of the back or upon the front pocket. Don’t forget to consider the size and scale of your visuals and how they will look on fabric as well!

Create Your Shirt Today

If now is the time to create your cream-of-the-crop custom t-shirt, be sure to visit Shirt Shack in Hastings or Kearney today. Our experienced team knows how to create beautifully unique results for every niche need, and we’re confident that we can help you become a professional at custom t-shirt designs.