Ahh. Fall has finally arrived here in Central Nebraska. The cool nights leading to crisp, warmer days mean that school is back in full swing. And, we all know what that means — back to school shopping! Along with the notebooks and the scientific calculators, your student is going to want to buy all the things that make school more comfortable and social, like trending fashions and locker kick knacks. If you missed our last post about 2019 back to school fashion, we recommend taking a look at it here before going any further in today’s post. Just like Algebra II, this post builds on what you learned last semester. Okay, no homework here, but it was a pretty good post. In today’s article, we are going to let you in on some of the top things your student needs embroidered this school year.

At Shirt Shack, we are passionate about custom apparel, including screenprinting your unique designs and adding custom embroidery. Custom embroidery not only adds a personal touch to your apparel and gear, but also helps ensure that your student gets their belongings back if their ways become parted. In a world of mass-produced fashion, let your student have something personal.

Their backpack.

Your student’s backpack is the single most important piece of their school gear. It holds all their things and helps keep them organized. There is no doubt that your kid will make their backpack their own, but having their initials embroidered on it leaves no doubt who it belongs to. We do not recommend embroidering their name on it, especially for smaller children, as strangers can then learn their name and falsely earn their trust. Instead, embroider their initials or an image that will easily identify their backpack in a crowd of others.


Jackets or outerwear is often worn to school and then abandoned as the fall day wears on. If not hung in their locker, your student could easily leave their jacket abandoned on the back of a chair in class or on the bus. Embroider their name or initials on the chest and it is sure to either be returned to them or easy to identify when someone who has claimed it as their own dons it.

Sports uniform.

Locker rooms aren’t really known for being organized and more often resembled complete chaos. Embroidering your student’s name on their sports uniform will help ensure you aren’t washing someone else’s dirty uniform. And, an added bonus is when they play, everyone will be able to cheer their name! Of course, if the sport includes a name or number on the jersey, embroidering their name is just an added bonus or applicable on their pants or shorts. Talk to the coach about the entire team having names and logos embroidered and see what we can do for the entire team!

Honestly, we are big fans of custom embroidery, and doing so much more than names or initials. We can make custom patches, logos, and images on just about any fabric! Stop by our shop to speak with a designer about your idea and see how we can help send your kid back to school in custom style. Check out our gallery online and visit us for more inspiration today!