Embroidery is simply the art of decorating fabric with needle and thread, and oh what an intricate artform it is! Embroidery has been used for centuries to create detailed designs on a variety of fabrics. While it can be used to create patterns on clothing or homemade gifts, it has become a common way of customizing personal effects. Embroidery goes a long way design wise — not only are the possibilities endless in terms of colors and patterns, but the look of embroidery is a sophisticated, timeless look. Shirt Shack offers gorgeous embroidery services at all of our print shop locations and we’re confident in our abilities to design a custom embroidered pattern based on your request or logo.

Whether you need a single baseball cap or a golf polo embroidered with your name, or you need an entire sports team’s gear embroidered with the team logo and players’ names, we’ll put forth only the best quality possible. Our graphic designers are trained to use all of our state-of-the-art embroidery equipment and superior design technique to embroider intricate designs and text onto a wide array of fabrics and materials.

Not only does custom embroidery proudly display your design for everyone to see, but it also helps to identify your belongings with quality.