Our Services

Here at Shirt Shack, our skilled and talented employees use only the highest quality state of the art equipment in to ensure you get the best quality around at an amazingly affordable price.

Custom Printing Services

Promotional Products and Apparel

Shirt Shack is a full-service design, print, and advertising company that offers a wide range of promotional items and apparel to promote your team, company, or brand. We can help you design and create promotional items for a variety of settings. We offer cost-effective options for your projects.

Custom Shirts:

Whether you need some custom t shirts or hoodies to represent your team off of the field or jerseys for your company’s intramural basketball league, the last thing that you want is some shirts made from a cheap material with decals that look a little bit too familiar. The team here at Shirt Shack takes pride in each and every custom t-shirt design that we put forth. We use quality materials and partner with the best apparel companies.

Screen Printing

Shirt Shack is the top rated shop for everything related to custom screen printing of t-shirts, hoodies, professional apparel, hats, sweatshirts, pants, sportswear, and more. We offer custom design on all projects and, with over 40 years of experience, will guide you through the entire process!


Shirt Shack is also proud to offer engraving services for a range of award and gift products. Whether you need a trophy for the local softball tournament or a plaque for an employee who did an outstanding job, we’ve got you covered. Gifting an engraved product is personal and shows how important the receiver is.


Embroidery goes a long way, design wise. Not only are the possibilities endless in terms of colors and patterns available to create your logo or patch, but the look of embroidery is timeless. Shirt Shack offers gorgeous embroidery services at both of our locations and we’re confident in our abilities to design we’re confident in our abilities to design an embroidered pattern based on your request.