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Novel-Tees by Shirt Shack

The designers of Shirt Shack are excited to bring limited-edition novelty tees to our customers. Join Shirt Shack’s novelty t-shirt monthly shopping group. Visit our novel-tee shop to browse all of our limited-edition designs and place your order. Once the new month begins, these designs will disappear and a fresh batch will be headed your way. Don’t miss out, order today!


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At Shirt Shack, we are devoted to creating your unique custom t-shirt designs. However, our designers are full of great ideas and overflowing with novelty t-shirt ideas. Once the shop closes and we are done working on our clients’ gear, we create our own custom t-shirts and swag. We thought to ourselves, why not make our awesome novelty tees available to the public? And, thus the birth of the Shirt Shack After Dark — an extracurricular shirt store created by our talented designers who just can’t get enough of screen printing.

Branching beyond the Kearney and Hastings city limits, to everyone who can browse the internet, our novelty tee store offers everyone the opportunity to purchase their own shirts that are crafted by our talented designers. To keep the cost to you low and the swag fresh, we limit the number of shirts we make and make them to order.

How It Works

This is not your typical underground t-shirt shop. Shirt Shack Novel-Tees is a limited-edition novelty tee store. Here’s how it works.

  1. The first day of each month, we will wipe out the current options and post new ones, hot off the press.
  2. You have until the last day of the month to place your order.
  3. When the clock strikes midnight on the last day of the month, let the printing begin! Our talented screen printers will get to work filling every order that was placed that month. Once complete, we toss the screen, never to be used again!
  4. You’ll get your limited-edition tee to strut about proudly.

So, don’t hesitate, don’t wait, order yours before the month’s end and check back next month to see what’s new.

Why Do It This Way?

Why do a month by month selection rather than continually add to our inventory? It’s elementary.

  1. We can keep the cost to you low. When we only make what is needed, there is no need to charge the $20 to 30 per shirt that other sites charge.
    Reduce waste. And, in the textile industry that uses natural resources, isn’t that green of us?
  2. Keep it fresh. We would hate to be pumping out the same old designs or for you to run into 10 other people wearing the same thing. Limited edition perpetuates originality.
  3. Our boss won’t let us crowd the store with the inventory. We don’t have a warehouse because we don’t like dealing with the dust. Again, this helps us keep costs low.
  4. We understand indecisiveness. Fewer options help you make more confident decisions. And, with all the great designs, you’ll need all the help you can get in the picking department — we suggest one of each, and at these prices, it seems plausible!
  5. Expand our clientele base. As a custom screen printer, we work closely with our local clients in Hastings and Kearney. Since these tees are our own brainchildren, we can share them with a wider population.
  6. To stay relevant. Seen some prints that need to retire and haven’t? Not an issue here. Out with the old, in with the new, every month. Fresh content is the key to relevancy.

Fresh ideas, fresh printing, reduced costs. Simple.
Don’t miss out on this month’s designs, shop now!