Blank flyers

Flyer marketing is an inexpensive means of advertising and easy to do, but the marketing costs can accumulate with time. Small businesses are especially highly likely to feel these costs. Therefore, making an exciting flyer for the first time ensures that you get your anticipated return on investment.

These pro-tips by Shirt Shack will enable you to create the best flyer designs that quickly grabs your customers’ attention.

Professional Tips for Flyers


Give Precise Information


The first thing to consider is the amount of information on your flyer. The rule of printing and embroidery is keeping it to a minimum. Most people do not want to read every detail of your business and other marketing gimmicks in your flyer.

A professional flyer should have a short and catchy message that instantly communicates to the reader at first glance. Therefore, provide only the essential points of the business offerings directly before the reader diverts to other things.

Unique Layouts

Flyers come in small sizes that only leave a restricted space to display your vital information. Therefore, only a tiny amount of printing space should be explored when using flyer-making software since the standard business flyers are either A5 or A6 sizes. In addition, unique designs allow for a perfect distribution of information.

A clean and neat layout can be created following a grid system to present all your vital information. Still, the best engraving services ensure that details are clean, uncluttered, and precisely proportioned even with this small space.

Catchy Headlines

Headlines are attractive points for the reader and are the first text that your recipient notices. The goal is to make it catchy, which hooks the reader and entices them to look further down and continue reading. The headline must also be simple to understand and self-explanatory, so the recipient already has clues on what the flyer advertises.


Although many people ignore this, it’s among the most critical parts of the content. A call-to-action statement directs your readers on what to do after they read the contents of the flyer.

Any professionally engraved award flyer consists of a call to action, for example, “Order now” or “Call us today,” which are two of the most common call-to-action statements.

Use Supportive Colors

Finally, it’s not a new thing to use color psychology in marketing. Specific colors evoke certain emotions in the reader, which can be used to augment your message. Exploit the benefits of color marketing, especially in screen printing, embroidery, and engraving.


An effective flyer should effectively communicate with its recipient in the most accurate way, using minimum words. If you are looking for effective engraving services for your award products, give Shirt Shack a call today. We pride ourselves in the best designs on custom products like t-shirts, bags, jerseys, hoodies, and more.