A printing process that transfers inks to the object by using high heat and pressure. It doesn’t fade easily, wear, or have any texture or weight. Sublimation is the process of transfusing an image onto susceptible materials, making the image a permanent part of the item. Sublimation is a limited process as it can only be performed on 100% polyester materials or polymer-coated items. Don’t worry, though, we can sublimate shirts, mugs, mousepads, tiles and so much more!

Photo & Heat Transfers

Need an image with several colors printed on a shirt, but need it quick? We use photo and heat transfers to complete jobs fast and on a wider variety of shirt materials. The image is printed onto the transfer and then applied to the garment using a heat press.

What’s the difference between heat transfers and screen printing, you ask? Screen printing applies ink using a screened stencil. The inks may be absorbed by the fabric of the shirt or rest on top of it. For heat transfers, it is basically a sticker that is adhered with heat. The overall look and quality do not compare to that of screen printing, but for single projects that you need to be done quickly, it’s an affordable answer. 


Take any design and turn it up a notch with rhinestones. Our rhinestone machines lay them out in the correct order and then we use the heat press to apply the design to the garment for long-lasting bling that enhances any custom shirt!

Rhinestones are available in a variety of sizes and colors to meet your specific bling needs. Toss ink to the wind and create your entire custom shirt with just rhinestones. Can you handle the dazzle?

Digital printing

This is like your at-home printer, but professional quality. We can take an image straight from computer to product. Digital printing is best for short turnaround times and small batches. We print business cards, stationery, envelopes, posters and much much more.

Offset printing

Another method used for creating paper goods such as business cards and envelopes. Instead of applying the ink directly to the product, offset printing uses metal plates and rubber to apply the image, kind of like a stamp. It makes large jobs much cheaper and allows for a much wider variety of custom papers and specialty inks, such as metallic and fluorescent.

Wide-format printing

We can print on almost any material up to 60 inches wide! This is how we create most banners, posters, signs, and anything else that needs to be BIG!

CAD Cutting

Our CAD cutting machines allow us to cut from heat transfer and adhesive vinyl, giving us many options of application. Heat transfer vinyl is most used for names and numbers applied to shirts, or when a design is simple and only a few pieces are needed. Adhesive vinyl is used for applications such as window decals, car decals, and sign lettering.