What Are the Artwork Requirements?

Artwork is a very important part of getting your shirt done just the way you want it. Great artwork = a great shirt. There are many types of files we can work with, but the files that will provide the best quality for printing are vector files.

Vector Files: Adobe Illustrator (.ai, .eps), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), Corel Draw Files (.cdr)

High Resolution Images: Adobe Photoshop (.psd), JPEG Images (.jpeg), TIFF Images (.tif)

If you don’t have art that meets the requirements, or you doodled your idea on a napkin and quickly realized you have no artistic ability whatsoever, don’t fret!  Our talented designers will work with you to bring your ideas to life.



What Are Your Order Minimums?

Minimums? What are those? Here at Shirt shack you can get a full color printed tee with our state of the art direct-to-garment machine. Custom vinyl, glitter and bling too. Sublimation and heat transfers for those quick last minute gift ideas and screenprinting is always available for bigger orders.



How Much Are Your Setup/Screen Fees?

Good news!  If you are a church, school, non-profit organization or fundraiser we waive all setup fees!  If you order more than 24 pieces we waive all setup fees! For orders less than 24 give us a call! We will work with you to find the most affordable solution within your budget.



What Is Your Payment Policy?

A 50% deposit can be arranged with a purchase order otherwise payment is required in full at the time your order is placed unless other arrangements are made in advance.  The remaining 50% after deposit is required upon pickup (unless otherwise arranged in advance and approved by the guy with the big red button). We accept Cash, business and local checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover thru Square and PayPal. We must receive payment before your order is printed and late payment will delay your order.



Can I Mix and Match Shirt Styles?

Mos def! As long as we print the same design on all of the apparel, you can mix and match all you want. Keep in mind mixed materials, like cotton shirts and polyester shirts and may require different inks, temperatures or print methods for best results. Ink color change charges may apply.



How Do I Keep My Price Down?
  • Prices per shirt go down as quantities go up, so increase your order to save money.
  • The apparel you choose to print your image on will have an affect on your overall price. Apparel available ranges from economy to premium, so be sure to choose something within your budget.
  • Try to keep the number of print locations low. Instead of printing something on the front AND back of the shirt, just choose one location.
  • The number of colors being printed on your shirt greatly affects the price. If you’re printing a 6 color image, but can get the same results with just 3 or 4, that will help decrease your final price.



Size Chart  (Based on Standard Unisex Retail Sizing)




The turnaround time on your order starts when your design is finalized and approved for print and we have all information required to complete your order (sizes, quantities and shipping info, etc.). Delay in receipt of *any* of this info could result in production delays. Our current turnaround time is 7–10 business days + shipping when applicable . Complex orders or additional items once production has begun may increase turnaround. Delay in approval of design proofs could also result in production delays.

If you have a deadline for your order, it is very important that you let us know when placing your order and a rush fee may apply if there is not enough time to complete your order under normal circumstances. If you do not advise us about a due date until after your order has been paid for and pushed through our system, we may not be able to accommodate your request. Any circumstances out of Shirt Shack’s control (ie: weather delays, shipping errors by the supplier, etc.) may also require more time and are not factored into the initial turn around time.



Art Approval | Order Proofing

All artwork is to be approved via a digital proof through email. Artwork must be checked for spelling, color, sizes ordered, placement of the art, and accuracy of artwork by the customer. It is very important to look over every detail of the proof, as this is how your garments will print. Any modifications requested after customer approval will result in production delays. Any delays in the approval process longer than 24 hours after receipt of the mockup could result in production delays. Shirt Shack is not responsible for any misspellings, errors, or issues in your design. We do our best to catch these errors and point them out to you, but we may not catch them all. If it is in your art file and on your approval, that is how we will print it.



Out of Stock Items

Shirt Shack is not responsible for items that are out of stock. While we check items we know to have potential stock issues, all garments are ordered after your order is placed, and we cannot guarantee their availability. If items are out of stock, we will provide you with a list of possible replacements and get it approved by you before using your chosen replacement item.



Cancellations & Restocking Fees

Cancellations made after order has been placed will be subject to a 15% restocking fee plus any additional fees required to cover services already rendered. No cancellations will be accepted once production or any manipulation of the garments (tag removal, printed tags, printing, hem tagging, etc.) has begun on the order.




Shirt Shack cannot be responsible for any shipping delays caused by the shipping company, incomplete shipping information, and/or inclement weather.



Garment Disclaimer

We are always available to counsel any customer to ensure you pick a garment that matches your needs. If you are unsure of what garment to select, we can gladly order a number of blank samples for you to choose from. The samples will be billed at a per piece rate plus freight and shipped without printing. Blank samples will not credit to the cost of your order.

Shirt Shack is not responsible for manufacturer defects such as color inconsistencies, stitching errors, mislabeled garments, loose/inconsistent stitching, and/or garment defects (holes in garments, ripped seams, etc.). We try our hardest to inspect the garments as we print them, but we cannot guarantee each garment. We are not the manufacturers of these garments, so we cannot ensure their construction.



Quality Assurance

We try to check every garment as it comes off of the press, but there are times where some mistakes will make it out the door. It is your responsibility as the customer to check over garments as you receive them. We allow an industry standard 72 hour window from the time you receive the goods to notify us of any issues with the order. Any order printed differently than the mock-up approved will be granted a reprint of the defective product. All claims must be submitted within 72 hours of date of delivery. If Shirt Shack is responsible for any errors in your order, we will gladly accept responsibility for the issues and will reprint the shirts printed in error. We do not offer refunds, but will gladly reprint any production errors that Shirt Shack is responsible for.