1 Color Screen Print Gildan tee

$4.25 Screen print on light colors

$4.50 on dark Colors

Additional cost for 2XL and up

Minimum of 24 pieces 

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Custom Local Screen Printing

In the practice of the art that is custom t-shirt printing, screen printing has been widely accepted as the preferred method since it made its first appearance during 960 in China. Since then, technologies, fabrics and colors have evolved, but the techniques remain similar. Screen printing is a process that allows the image or text you choose to be soaked into the cloth to produce a vibrant image on your custom t-shirt — or any apparel! Each design requires a screen that dictates where the ink will transfer onto the apparel and what areas will be blocked. For multi-colored items, several screens will be made, one for each color used. The fabric is laid beneath the printer and then the screen is applied. Ink is introduced and then squeegeed across the fabric. This allows for the ink to be absorbed but assures that it is done so evenly.

Custom Screen Printing at the Shirt Shack

At the Shirt Shack, we take pride in every product we create and we don’t work from templates or use duplicated content. Our designers will create a unique design or bring your design to life a

nd make a custom screen to print from. We are able to make your screen print as large or small as you’d like and we can print on multiple locations on the apparel of your choice. We use the following techniques that each give a different look and feel to the finished product:


the classic screen printing option which uses PVC-based ink to provide the most vibrant finish and the best coverage.


thinner PVC-based ink coverage that creates a soft, vintage look.

Four-color process:

the process of using cyan, magenta, yellow and black in four layers to create a wide range of colors, using only four screens.

Simulated process:

uses spots to transfer ink to allow for a full-color design.


uses water-based ink to soak into fibers rather than painted on top. As the ink dries, the water evaporates, leaving the colors in the material fibers.

Whether you need custom shirts for your family reunion or your soccer team, the Shirt Shack is your go-to spot for all things screen printing. Check out our gallery for inspiration and contact us for your obligation-free estimate today!

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