About Us

Meet the Team




Owner, operator, janitor, guy with the big red button, Jack of all trades, once worked as a pin setter at Ponderosa Bowl long ago before discovering his passion for printing. He's happiest when the shop is busy and running at full speed. He loves watching Animal House and has seen Tesla in concert 9 times. Rock on!


Assistant Manager

Linda, Linda, Linda. She answers phone calls, greets customers, orders apparel, counts it in, counts it out, types invoices and is a graphic designer (just to name a few things). It’s a wonder what this woman can do, it’s almost like she’s a superhero or something. Most people are surprised to learn that Linda does not have Netflix...or Hulu....or cable tv for that matter (What?!). Instead she has an extensive collection of VHS tapes from the 90's, mostly Disney, that she loves to watch with the grandchildren.


Head Press Operator

Pressman/Master ink whisperer. Before finding his calling as a Screen Printer, Logan worked as a lifeguard, which as few people know, gave him the ability to dive like a dolphin. When he’s not slinging ink, you can find him on the golf course. He's also terrified of bats, and planes. Oh, and the worst yet, bats on a plane! ...sounds like a Samuel L. Jackson Movie.


Graphic Designer

Printing Specialist

Graphic Designer and Printing Specialist, Shelty handles all of our paper and wide format printing needs. From banners to business cards, she does it all. She loves the challenge of working on a new project everyday and rewatching Sons of Anarchy when she’s not fine tuning her mastery of throwing daggers (she’s practically a Ninja).


Production Assistant

Production assistant and screen cleaner. The man behind the screens, er, I mean scenes. He keeps production running smooth by keeping an everflowing supply of fresh screens for us to print on. Loves that he can pop in his headphones and jam out while working, daydreaming about being the billionaire superhero Tony Stark, sipping Maui Wauis on the beaches of Hawaii. If he had a time machine and could change anything, he’d go back and be a Cardinals Fan.





Co-owner of Shirt Shack, ReNae once ran and operated a restaurant and bar. Being proactive and involved, she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and does a little bit of everything (except computers and sometimes smartphones, or really anything techy). She loves being outside in the mountains of Colorado.


Office Assistant

Sales associate, customer service and general everything. When she’s not at Shirt Shack, she’s still grinding away as an ever so stylish hair stylist. She loves the fun people she gets to work with and is always light hearted and fun to be around. Her favorite movie is Pretty Woman and if she could, she would travel and see the world.


Embroidery Operator

Embroidery Specialist. Her favorite aspect of the Shirt Shack is her awesome coworkers and if she could go anywhere in the world it would be Jamaica. People would be surprised to know that fishing is her absolute most favorite thing to do and she is the most happiest when she’s chowing down on a bag of chips. She’s always got a bag of schnacks to keep her fueled to tackle all of our embroidery work.


Engraving Specialist

Our resident engraver and laser specialist. She does all of the engraving, rotary and laser, builds trophies and designs the layouts for plaques and awards. She loves engraving on strange and unusual pieces and would love to one day be an author, maybe even move to Alaska. If you got a fauteuil or futon that needs fixing, she does have a fun refurbishing hobby refurnishing and refinishing furniture. Whew, that’s a mouthful.