Person threading a needle with spools in the background.

Starting your own apparel printing business is not easy to do, and neither is maintaining the business. There is more to designing shirts than just printing some text or engraving a picture. If you want people to keep wearing your shirts for a long time, it’s good to put some thought into it. Shirt Shack recommends you avoid the following mistakes: 

Five Common Design Mistakes to Avoid

Sizing Issues

Sizing can lead to poor design output in several ways. First, the size of the fabric depends on the nature and size of the design you’re putting on it. Second, specific designs appear larger in printing depending on where on the shirt they are printed.

For instance, circles and squares look better when printed smaller. You also need to consider whom the shirt fits because if you order all similar size shirts, you limit the number of people who can fit them.

Design and Lettering

Many design artists don’t understand how vital lettering is. Misplace it on the engraved award or shirt, and your printing and embroidery won’t reflect the desired picture for your business. No one gets impressed by non-centered or upside-down designs when they are not supposed to be.

Also, placing them too high or too low on the front can cost your business a fortune. One common error people make is putting an engraving on the stomach, which is never flattering, even on flat bellies.

Poor Fonts and Typography

Typography defines your design’s visual aspect. Font refers to the text itself. You, therefore, have to consider that what you choose is attractive and readable.

Some designers get too mesmerized by flowery writings that are not easily readable. So, if the idea behind the engraving business was marketing, you completely miss the point because then people cannot read your business brand or name.

Quality Issues

Good-quality images and text ensure your message gets across as intended. Conversely, low-resolution images create a poor and fuzzy image on the t-shirt or engraved award, making the product less likable.

Usually, web images are of lower quality, around 72 dpi, when printers need images reaching 200 dpi and above. The higher the image quality, the better it looks on the fabric.


If you want an outstanding design that’s easy to relate to, and people will look at, avoid these common mistakes, and you’re good to go. For professional printing and engraving services in Kearney, call Shirt Shack specialists anytime; we are always at your service!