Custom embroidery is such a small detail that makes such a large impact. This classic stitch art is visually appealing and allows you an option for applying your brand name or business logo onto a multitude of items. While screen printing is the ideal option for applying large images to t-shirts or other fabric apparel, the timeless look of embroidery is the best bet for logos, text, and smaller images on a variety of fabrics.

Join us in today’s post as we discuss some of the ways that the simple art of custom embroidery makes a big difference in helping to grow your small business.

Uniform Logos

Small business are built by getting their name out and establishing a brand that people can trust. Most people know that repetitive exposure to a brand logo or name helps it become more memorable and familiar. There is also research that shows that uniforms are powerful in both establishing recognition as well as showing commitment to the company and professionalism. When you embroider your company’s logo onto employee uniforms, you get the power of both in a beautifully displayed work of thread art!

Employee Names

While embroidering employee names onto work uniforms or apparel may seem trivial, it packs a powerful punch in building your small business. Not only does it look stunningly professional, it makes an employee easy to identify and personalizes them for the customer or client. Additionally, it shows employee commitment to the company, and if your employees believe in the company, your clients can too. Embroidering names on uniforms also help reduce lost or broken name tags, which has the ability to save you money in the long run.

Accessories and Promotional Items

Depending on the kind of business you run, embroidering accent items such as towels at your bed and breakfast, cloth napkins at your restaurant, or promotional items such as hats help to reinforce your brand awareness as well as prevent loss or theft of these items. And, in the event that your customers do take these items home with them, they serve to function as advertising! A simple logo or monogram embroidered on accessory items also shows investment in your brand and business that helps your customer feel more confident in your company.

Shirt Shack of Nebraska is a small, locally owned and operated custom print and embroidery company with locations in Kearney and Hastings. We understand the struggles of building a small business from the ground up and are proud to offer our services that helped us find success, in building other local small businesses. And, if you aren’t sure exactly what you are looking for or don’t yet have a logo created, that’s okay, we have a design team ready to help you optimize your brand name and logo ideas. From one small business to another, let’s help each other grow successfully! For all of your custom embroidery needs including uniform logo or employee name application, promotional items, and even awards and screen printing, contact us or stop by one of our tri-city area locations today!