Screen printing has been around for a long time, and while our apparel needs likely differ from those who lived during the Song dynasty, this process still offers comfort and quality for apparel to this day. If you’re planning on designing your own apparel (hats, jackets, pants, and t-shirts), it pays to have the right printing method to get the job done right!

Shirt Shack is your Top Rated® Local source for custom shirt printing in Nebraska, offering ideal screen printing, heat transfer, and sublimation services. Our team provides nearly endless potential for your design plans. We take pride in our work, and won’t stop until you’re outfitted with quality custom shirts and more.

Keep reading to learn more about screen printing and its benefits, and don’t forget to browse our shop to get started on your t-shirt design!

What is Screen Printing?

Simply put, screen printing is a high-quality method of printing graphics onto t-shirts. Trained professionals can transfer a stencil design onto a flat surface and push colors through a mesh screen in order to create a clean, precise finish. This screen was originally available in silk (hence the original name silk screening) but now comes in quality polyesters to provide a clear definition.

A negative of your design will be placed over the shirt and precisely measured for a perfect alignment. Once everything is set, the ink is rolled over the shirt and pressed onto the fabric. Once the screen printing is done, your shirt is set aside to dry. The process sounds simple, right?

What Do I Need for Screen Printing?

In reality, the screen printing process is quite complex and involves a number of speciality skills covered only by experienced professionals. The techniques, chemicals, equipment, and inks used to generate high-quality screen prints for shirts include:

  • Quality Screens — A mesh screen will be used to push those colors through. You can picture a literal piece of mesh (like a screen door) framed in wood for consistent results.
  • Premium Colors — Time to shine! Premium shirt customization companies such as Shirt Shack offer premium hues to mix and match your design needs. We rely on thick inks to ensure a clean, bold finish.
  • A Precise Press — This metal beast spins and stretches the shirt evenly over a board. Once everything is aligned and ready for awesomeness, we drop the press.
  • Designer Dryers — The final step is to let your artwork dry. Once the ink sets, you’re free to enjoy your shirt for the many adventures to come.

Don’t have this high-cost equipment laying around? No problem! Shirt Shack in Nebraska has high-quality tools to ensure that you love your silk screen t-shirts. The tools of the trade can help to create an ideal finish, but don’t forget that a professional hand can make or break your shirt design!

Why is Screen Printing so Awesome?

Our custom t-shirt shack is excited to show you the quality and beauty behind our printing services. If you’re still not convinced that screen printing is the right choice for your apparel needs, here are a few of our top benefits:

  • High-Quality Results — You can go to an inferior shop and rely on a shirt press to get the job done, but what about the long-term results? Screen printing provides a sure finish that won’t fade or peel. Wear that shirt without worry, then wash it with confidence!
  • Custom Designs — If you can imagine it, our screen printers can make it! Screen printing provides the ability to create nearly any design imaginable.
  • Unmatched Durability — Your shirts will shine from the first day on without worry thanks to our start-of-the-art process. Enjoy your custom t-shirt for years to come with durable printing services.
  • Affordable Options — One key benefit of professional screen printing is that you get so much quality at a lower cost!

Clad Yourself in Success Today

Whether you’re questing for a stylish design for your intramural sports league or you have some promotional merchandise to give away, Shirt Shack is here and ready to help you get the job done. We’re passionate about the potential locked inside a blank shirt and deploy our artistic skills and color options to ensure you love the results.

Check out our gallery to see just what our design and printing team can do for your custom-made shirts, and be sure to get in touch with us in Hastings or Kearney to get started!